“Hello, world”

Today, we defrosted the freezer. We threw away one and a half packets of the Vegemince that turns to sponge when it comes into contact with water. Disgusting.

I am ill again. My very bones ache, as does my neck, and I get sporadic stomach pains. I’m better than yesterday, though, when any upright movement resulted in crippling headaches. I never used to get headaches, but now I seem to get them often. I do so hope I shall be well tomorrow, as I have plans to go to the Circus. Today, however, I had a very restful day. I watched Mulan again and it was brilliant. However, I have been unable to eat a great deal, as eating makes my stomach hurt. I had a boiled egg for dinner, though, with toast soldiers.

WordPress is so very annoying. You can’t change the CSS of your “theme” (not layout, theme) without buying some kind of upgrade. Also, when you press “Return”, it does a funny line-and-a-half jump downwards. Most vexing.

And now I shall bid you goodnight and hobble slowly to my bed, wherein I shall sink into a blissful slumber.


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