The Circus of Life

Dear all,

Today I went to the circus with Jack*. It was awesome. My favourite bit was the lion dance, but they had aerial silks, plate spinners, contortionists, hench men… everything! It love how colourful the circus is, and how totally impressive yet effortless everything looks. They were jumping through hoops and one of the men knocked the hoop off, but he just went back and did it again and got it perfectly and everyone cheered. I was, however, thinking that circuses must be hell for Health and Safety officials. Not just for the obvious danger to the performers, but the danger to the audience. There was this thing where men climbed up swinging poles and jumped around on them, but the poles swung out above the audience, and what if one of them had fallen off? Plus they had fire.

Jack is awesome too. He is such an interesting person. I’m not sure he realises, but he really is. He’s very introverted and rather averse to meeting new people, but we talk often on MSN and he’s a very good friend. Also, he told me today about a friend of his who is going to become a priest. How odd. I can’t imagine how a young person today would want to be a priest. Still, you do have to admire him for it.

My stomach’s still playing up. Everything else is fine, but I still get these intermittent pains, mostly after eating. The funny thing is, I don’t feel sick at all. I don’t feel very hungry, but there’s absolutely no nausea whatsoever. It’s just the pain. But it means I can’t eat things properly. My maman baked triple-chocolate muffins and I could only eat one, very slowly, and even then I paid the price! I also have lemon meringue pie waiting for me in the fridge which I’ll have to let someone else eat before it goes off. The one minor bonus is that my stomach is very flat. However, when I do eat I get stomach cramps and… you guessed it! I bloat. I thought I’d solved that problem, but it’s back.

Also, I get cold all the time and I’ve been looking up things for poor circulation. I think I need to gain weight and do more exercise. It might help, and it’d be good for me anyway. I would get started right away, but I’m ill! Gosh darn it.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.

* All names on this blog are pseudonyms. I will repeat this a few times and then expect you to remember yourself.


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  1. Tuesday, 5th May 2009 at 10:53 am

    […] second reason is worse. The other day, I jokingly insulted Jack on my Facebook status. Then, late last night, on MSN, he sent me this link to get me back. […]

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