Dear all,

Today I did some work on my coursework essay and I’m now a mere 100 words away from finishing. It needs a little editing, but I’m so glad it’s nearly done! I meant to do it last week, but I was ill and lazy. I really need to work hard for the next few days… I want everything finished this week so that next Monday and Tuesday (which I have off too) I can just spend the days lazing around and not needing to worry about work. I’ve got two and a half essays to do and one major coursework plan to write, plus research for that. I’ll be OK, right?

I’ve been watching lots of Red Dwarf on Youtube. I’m onto Series 2 now. Kryten sounds most odd without his soft American accent.

My main achievement today was blinging up my phone. I went into town to get some rhinestones from a craft shop (£1.50 for a nice pack of “jewels acrylic diamond”) and then played around with some shapes before I came up with this awesome rainbow streak and dial. The crystals fit perfectly on my phone – it’s wonderful! I’ve stuck them down with Copydex. It claims to stick things like that, but I’ll see if it stays. I might go over it with clear nail polish. When I can find my camera I’ll take a photo for you.

I need to get my hair cut again soon. The problem is, I’m not sure quite how short to have it cut. I saw Duplicity the other day, and the blonde girl he was with in Italy had an amazing haircut. We’re talking this:

Andrea Osvart

Nice, yeah?

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.


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  1. Saturday, 2nd May 2009 at 11:55 pm

    […] but I still wish I had been a little clearer with the hairdresser. For it is my fault. I brought in this picture, where is is indeed very short. My hairdresser thinks I have a “short hair” face, so […]

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