Dear all,

Episode Four of Series Three of The Unbelievable Truth is just… unbelievable. Will Self is just unnecessarily dominating the programme and the rest of the panel (David Mitchell, Fred MacAulay, Jeremy Hardy and Jack Dee) utilise many very subtle devices to get him to shut the hell up. It’s an astonishing example of a group of people who have often worked together working as a team to quietly crush the irreverent outsider (i.e. Will Self). He is really utterly odious. In such a game, however funny you may think you are, you have to play fair and make sure everyone gets a fairly equal chance to contribute – unlike Will Self who seems to be engaging in his own personal talkathon. Arse.

I’ve spent today finishing my coursework essay and watching far far too many episodes of Red Dwarf. I love Chris Barrie!

Today I watched an episode of Frasier with my family. In it, Maris murders her Argentine lover and the media think Niles is involved. However, he keeps having panic attacks. I didn’t like watching it, as it reminded me of my own.

On that melancholy note, I’m off to watch more Red Dwarf.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.


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