“Men make the moral code and they expect women to accept it”

Dear all,

Today I watched How To Get Ahead In Advertising*, about a man who grows a boil which turns into a second head which takes over, and I now have a potential cold sore on my lip. This is worrying. One head is quite enough, thank you. However, I am treating it with Manuka honey which has worked wonders for me before. I used to have a recurring cold sore/possible fungal infection at the edges of my mouth (a bit gross, I know) but Manuka honey completely cleared it up. I am a total convert. I don’t usually go for hippie-dippy stuff like this, but if you have any skin problems, try it.

There’s a rather interesting discussion developing on this post, which has made me think once again how grateful I am to live in this century. However, in some ways, the feminist movement and gender equality laws have made things difficult for women. People can point to them and say that women are liberated now. The fact that, superficially (or even legally), women are equal to men makes it even harder to stand up to sexism. And, in many ways, it is women who perpetuate the sexist ideals of women more than men.

I watched some of The Sex Education Show vs. Pornography and what astonished me most was the boys’ sheer arrogance about what a woman should have to do to please a man, and the girls’ total willingness to agree to anything they wanted. Did they want to shave “down there”? Not really, but they did it because the boys wanted them to. Poor girls. Even the supposedly more empowered women’s magazines tell us who to be and how to look and what is desirable. What are women supposed to do when even other women won’t give them the leeway to live how they want to?

One other thing which troubles me is the role of women in comedy. There are so few female comedians. It makes me sad because I think we have a lot to offer. I wrote to Sandi Toksvig once, many moons ago, saying how much I admired her. She wrote back, a lovely letter, saying how nice it was to have other women interested in a career in comedy. I looked for that letter today, but I couldn’t find it. I will search my whole room tomorrow. I can’t have lost it.

Actually, while I was looking for that letter, I found something else I wrote, which I’d totally forgotten about. It’s just jotted down on a scrap of paper, so I’m writing it here so I can throw away the original without losing the idea:

Descartes’s Meditations, Wizard of Oz parallels
Cyclone: waves of doubt
Munchkins: natural light
Toto: intellect/logic/rational thought
Scarecrow: cogito
Tin Man: God – heart: omnibenevolent
Lion: clear and distinct ideas
Wicked witch: evil demon
Oz: sends Descartes right back to Kansas

It’s an interesting idea, one that I was very excited about at the time (which must have been just under a year ago). Given that I watched The Narnia Code the other day I feel a faint pride in having discovered my own “Descartes Code”, utter piffle though it may be.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.

P.S. That quote is from Emmeline Pankhurst.

*I was very disappointed to see that IMDB has no trivia on this film. None! Not even “The part of Denis was offered to A. Nobody”. How disappointing.


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