Hot tips

Dear all,

I am sweating. My bedroom is unbearably hot, and I don’t know why. My radiator has been off all day. I had my window open this afternoon. There is no earthly reason why my bedroom should be so heated but in the last hour or two it has, according to my Galileo’s thermometer, gone up to 24 degrees. The fact that it’s so stuffy makes it seem even hotter. I’m fairly sure it is the room that’s hot and not me. I don’t feel unwell at all, apart from feeling so hot.

A minor crisis today involving some emergency bank visits when I discovered that some money matures tomorrow and I hadn’t given the bank further instruction on what to do with it. I also got some information about student bank accounts, though the lady appeared to be confused about when I could actually apply for one – i.e. how definite my university offer had to be.

I have been thinking more about getting work experience in radio and/or TV production this summer, but have not got much further. My current work experience is all in theatre. I know everyone has to start somewhere, but I have no evidence of my strong and all-consuming desire to work in radio&TV except for my word, and that just ain’t enough in a CV. I shall think some more tomorrow.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.


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