Anyone can be beautiful

Dear all,

I go back to school tomorrow. I’m half excited and half dreading it. I’ve got some serious work to do on my philosophy synoptic essay and I’m not looking forward to the return to the daily grind. However, the weather’s getting sunnier and it’ll be nice to see everyone again. I’ve spent most of this holiday holed up at home. It’ll do me good to get out a bit more!

I’d also like to point you in the direction of this video of The Shan and Rozz Show, about beauty queens. The younger one is a bit bratty and boring, but the older one is amazing. It’s sad how alienated the elderly are in our youth-obsessed society. TV execs want everything to be young and dynamic when actually older people watch just as much TV, if not more, and don’t want their senses to be assaulted every time they switch it on. Furthermore, not every teenager is “young and dynamic”. Some of us like old-people things. For instance, today I have been listening to Buddy Holly on Spotify. I also had some thoughts about Bobby Vee (I love him!), but they can wait until tomorrow. I need an early night.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.


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