Joy! Joy! Joy!

Dear all,

Today, I did two hours vital work on my coursework plan and research. I had only one copy, on my flash drive. I accidentally deleted it instead of saving it to my laptop. OH MY GOD. I nearly died. I couldn’t believe it. How could I have been so utterly, mind-numbingly stupid? Why didn’t I save another copy at school? I panicked and googled “recover lost files”. I discovered something called “undelete software”. Basically, you download it, click “scan” and then it comes up with every file you’ve ever deleted. You click “recover”. The logical next step would be that your file is recovered. However, in 99% of services, the following occurs:

1. You scan your hard drive and associated storage areas (i.e. the flash drive which my file was on)
2. The file comes up.
3. You cry with joy and thank God for blessing you with such a bounty.
4. You click “Recover”
5. You get sent to a web page asking you to subscribe to their service for *only* £50 a year!
6. You think “But I only want this one file. I’d pay per file, but I’m not subscribing…”
7. You put your head in your hands and cry with sorrow.

However, I managed to find these wonderful, wonderful people. It’s called Recuva (pronounced “recover”, I understand) and they don’t give you the fleeting joy of seeing your file there only to make you pay to actually get it. It’s free! All free! Properly free! Spread the word, guys!

I have my work back. And have emailed to it my mother, my father, my school email, myself… I’m not losing it again!

One tiny problem – I want to give money to Recuva. They are truly kind people and should be rewarded. However, if you click the “Donate” button on their website, it takes you to PayPal where they’ve set up an automatic donation amount of £20 which I can’t seem to be able to change. Now, I’m happy but I’m not £20 happy. I’ve had a quick scout for an email address which I can write to to thank them and ask if I can give them slightly (read: quite a bit) less than £20, but I can’t find one. I’ve written to Piriform, which seems to be the parent company. I hope I get a reply.

I cannot tell you how happy I am. Three hours of work, gone in an instant. My heart cracked. But now it’s back! This is the most exciting (yet initially traumatic) thing that has happened to me this week.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.


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