Dear all,

A lightning dash to the shops is called for, as I have realised I have no bra which I can wear with my dress for our prom this weekend. I need a strapless bra, which I do not currently own. I realised this during a “So what are you going to wear?” conversation with Joanne* today. Joanne is definitely one of those people that I would regret not telling how amazing they are if something ever happened to either of us. Thankfully she’s going to the same university as me next year!

I also had a very interesting conversation with Lucy* about how we were when we were children. She always thought she might just change into a completely different person overnight, whereas I thought I could never change who I was. I would never go out of my comfort zone. I’d would never do anything or wear anything that I didn’t think was “me”. How different I am now! Though I do still feel like that sometimes.

My attitude to hygiene is fairly casual. Not in the “I don’t shower” sense, but in the “I’ll eat food off the floor” sense. However, I was reading about swine flu in the paper and on the bus someone behind me sneezed and it scared me! It seems we are safe from nothing these days. However, hay fever is apparently worse this year, perhaps because we are not exposed to germs any more and so do not develop our immune systems. You can’t win, can you? It’s either hay fever or swine flu. Make your choice…

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.

*Pseudonym, obvs.

P.S. [21.20pm] I bought my bra and vests too because they had a sale on.

I forgot to update y’all earlier on my weight gain project. I am finding it hard to eat more without resorting to things like chocolate and biscuits, so on the way home I bought a bug bag of banana chips. I will keep them in my locker at school to snack on, which will make eating more easier during the day. However, I am starting to get flabby and it’s tres upsetting. My stomach is huge. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s just a stage my body is going through and I will be less fat soon. See, I do want to gain weight but not all in one place! And especially not on my stomach. That was big enough already!

I picked up some more ink cartridges too. I feel so cool that I use a fountain pen. It avoids a lot of waste as the main shell of the pen is not replaced, and it looks awesome too.

Brother is very spotty indeed. It’s probably stress-acne because he has exams coming up, but it makes me laugh to myself because I’ve almost never had any spots whereas he seems to have inherited all the family spottiness.


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  1. Tuesday, 12th May 2009 at 10:19 pm

    […] you may remember, I am trying to eat more in order to gain weight. This project has somewhat fallen by the wayside due to unpleasant effects it appears to be having […]

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