Dear all,

Of late, I have been very stressed. I don’t usually stress about things, so this has been most disturbing for me. However, the worst thing is that I’m not stressed about anything in particular. It’s not that I’m struck with terror when I think of exams, or that leaving home gives me the shakes. Not at all. I just feel vaguely tense and twitchy all the time. This kind of general stress is especially annoying because as there is no simple cause, I can see no simple solution.

The cardigan I was going to wear to the prom has gone missing. It’s not a disaster, because I was planning to take it off when I got there anyway, but it was gold and was going to match my gold shoes. And I just have no idea where it could have gone.

My god, Veronica* is depressing. Sorry to go on about her, but it’s my blog and if I want to I will. She just whinges all the time. Today I bought Harriet* lunch, because she didn’t have any money. She didn’t want to borrow any money – she would just have not eaten anything – but I insisted. After all, she can always pay me back and it’s not a problem for me at all. So I bought her lunch, but in the computer room afterwards we were trying to do some quick mental maths to work out how much she owed me and Veronica butted in. She told me, obviously thinking she was being really funny/cool/sophisticated, not to be such a capitalist and to stop treating my friends in pure economic terms. Well, smeg her, eh? I understand where Harriet is coming from, as I hate borrowing money, and I know she wouldn’t have wanted to accept it as a gift. Plus, I did need her to pay me back so I have enough lunch money for the whole week. But no. Veronica has to be all boho and hippie. She’s such a wannabe cool-kid.

Another thing about Veronica is that she never eats. I see her eat maybe once a fortnight. I know she’s anorexic, or at least a wannarexic. She constantly talks about how much she hates thighs, or stomachs, or other body parts in general, usually while I’m eating… I used to give a damn, but I don’t any more. We all used to offer her food, but she’d just mutter something about calories and refuse. So we don’t bother any more.

I realise I sound like a total bitch who’s just letting my friend starve herself to death, but I promise it’s not like that.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.



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