Evolution of the mind

Dear all,

Greatest apologies for the lack of postage yesterday. The truth, for that is what you utterly deserve to hear, is that I forgot. Pure and simple. Not that there was much to write about. Today, however I do have things to tell.

I had my hair cut today and as, as I was sitting in the chair being snipped at, I was thinking about a particular thing that happened today. You may remember Maud. I found out today that she is coming to our prom this Sunday, as a guest of a girl in our year. Oh dear God. Now, I don’t have a date for the prom, but surely it is far more cool to go stag than to take someone from the year below (as a friend) as your date.

So I was thinking about Maud and how much of an abrasive and socially incompetent being she is, and then the assembly we had today came into my mind. It was about evolution.

And then I had my brainwave.

In today’s society, evolution doesn’t really have much point any more, does it? I mean, we’re not foraging for food, we have no predators, and what with benefits and all there’s very little natural selection going on. We may well have reached something of an evolutionary plateau.

However… what if evolution existed in the sense of personality evolution? Now that most physical dangers have been removed from our environment and that we have developed ever more sophsticated ways to communicate and travel and interact socially, it is so very important that we have the kind of personality that others want to spend time with.

I know that certain breeds of dog are renowned as being cleverer or better with children, so could this work with humans?

So what would happen if personalities evolved? Would people grow kinder, more altruistic, more sociable, more willing to compromise, more tolerant? Or would selfishness set in and hostility bloom? I’m not sure where personality evolution would be positive or negative.

Sorry for such a confused post. I’m still working this out in my head.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.

P.S. [8/5/09 – 23:03]Check it out! Someone twittered this post. On 1st May 2:29pm. A big round of applause for “AlphaMinds”, guys!


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