Dear all,

First all, word up to Radio 4 for having a disabled comedienne on 4 Stands Up. Francesa Martinez. She was definitely the funniest one on it. I wonder what else she’s done. I don’t like Chris Addison very much, though.

I had my hair cut the other day, and it’s short. Very short indeed. Like, each individual hair is an inch or so. I don’t like it. For a start, my face looks odd. But there’s more than that. And today, I finally realised exactly what it is that I don’t like. I feel that it makes me look like a cancer patient. It’s so short. Like all my hair fell out during chemotherapy and it’s just growing back. It makes me self-conscious. I don’t let on, of course, but it does. I suppose I shall get used to it, and it will grow, but I still wish I had been a little clearer with the hairdresser. For it is my fault. I brought in this picture, where is is indeed very short. My hairdresser thinks I have a “short hair” face, so she always cuts it what seems to me to be alarmingly short. Never mind. Hair grows. I’m just sad that it’s happened now, because our prom is tomorrow.

I watched Les Choristes again today. I adore films about inspirational teachers, like The History Boys. They are what makes me seriously consider teaching as a career – I want to inspire.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.


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