Tiddley om prom prom

Dear all,

I finally got up around lunchtime. And I’m ready to go back to bed again. But I can’t. I have work. Ugh… Excuse the short sentences and lack of exciting description. I am feeling really out of it today.

Prom last night was mostly really fun. Amazing venue. It was weird at first seeing the whole year there all dressed up, but it was really nice. However, one problem was that all the guys were there as someone’s date, so even if they were going as friends they were at least nominally taken for that night. Pity, because I saw someone very interesting but didn’t get a chance to talk to him because he was with someone. Not entirely sure who, but they might have been going out. Didn’t really want to take that chance.

My dress was good, though. I was a bit worried it would be too dressy, but it really worked.

My left foot is killing me. My shoes rubbed, I caught my ankle on something and cut it, and someone trod on my foot in stilletos. I now have a lump and a tender bruise, and hobble slightly.

I talked, I danced, I ate flying saucers… I mostly stayed with the group I’d come with, but it was good.

We knew before we went that the prom council had arranged a “surprise”. Rumours were flying, but it turned out that the surprise was a jacuzzi. Wowzers. Some bathing suits and towels were provided, but not enough for everyone. However, at some point round about midnight, someone got in fully clothed. Veronica, a lot more drunk than she thought she was, followed her. I wandered over with some people to dabble my feet in it, and found her there. I helped her back into her dress, which she had removed and let drift to the bottom, immersed completely. I took her to the toilets and made her dry herself off with loo roll, as all the towels were soaking. And so, at about half twelve, three hours before it was all due to finish, I called a taxi and took her home.

I am a bit angry. I mean, how could she have been so stupid? Why didn’t she take her dress off before she got into the water? Why didn’t anyone else take care of her? But, of course, I’m not the one waking up this morning with a ruined dress, a hangover and probably a severe chill. I guess it shows that however annoying I find someone, I’ll always help a friend in need.

So, around half past one this morning, I wrote this and then tumbled into bed. I guess I wasn’t too mad a Veronica for making me leave early. My feet were hurting and nothing too exciting was happening. I don’t know what I missed, but I doubt it was that amazing. I’m just mad at her for being so stupid and thoughtless.

However, I do feel slightly put-upon. I’m one of those rare things – a teenage teetotaller. So I’m always the sober one. One of my unfortunate personality traits is that I so often feel responsible for things which are nothing to do with me. So I always end up looking after people at these things. And I just wish that for once someone else had taken responsibility for her and got her home safely.

Oh well. Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.


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