Honey honey

Dear all,

What a day! I scarcely know where to begin. I think I’ll follow Julie Andrew’s advice and “start at the very beginning”. Though, to be honest, I’m way too overwhelmed to describe everything properly.

My first lesson of the day was French, in which my teacher remarked that I’d had my hair cut again and it looked nice. I nearly died but managed to mumble “Oh, um, thanks, yes.” I hate my hair. It’s awful. I think she thought I was odd. Oh well.

She’s marked our coursework and will give the marks to us when we give her the money we owe her for the books. A cunning ploy. However, I’m not sure I really want to get my mark back. Still, French was better than Spanish coursework, which was massively shallow. It didn’t help that my teacher hadn’t read the books I was studying, whereas in French we read the plays in class. Argh.

I ate a lot today. I feel very full and sleepy now.

Then, OH MY DAYS. In Drama, we discovered that our teacher (who I would estimate at a pretty sprightly forty-something) was a dancer at the Moulin Rouge twenty years ago. This is madness! Jeez, I vaguely knew he’d had a pretty exciting life before he came to teaching, but that is something else! He’s promised us pictures… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Then, my Philosophy teacher grabbed me in the corridor and was all “We’re not doing the test tomorrow! We’re doing it on Monday!” and I was all “OK!” because I was late for a lesson and he was all “I’ll email you to confirm!” and I was all “Fine!” and scurried away. I get home and what do I find? He’s phoned up and my poor mother answered and he wittered on at her forever and a day. Saying exactly what he has also said in an email. Silly man.

In form period today, I had to fill in a ton of cover sheets for language coursework because I wasn’t in the lesson when they did that. My form teacher basically told everyone they could go home, but one girl asked if she could have a chat with him. *Gulp* What to do? Stay or go? I had to do the sheets then and there so they could be sent of to the board in time. Thankfully, she didn’t seem to mind me being there and just started talking.

Her problem is as follows: She applied to several prestigious universities who didn’t make her offers. She also applied to some slightly less prestigious (but, to be honest, only slightly less in the grand scheme of things) and has accepted one as her firm choice. No insurance, as far as I’m aware. However, she is having second, third and even fourth thoughts. On reflection, she really doesn’t like her firm choice and is desperate to go to one of the unis that rejected her. She wants to see if she can defer her place at her firm choice, take a gap year and then reapply to all the good ones. Wowzers.

My form teacher gave her some advice, along the lines of ‘talk to the head of sixth form’ and ‘discuss this with your family’. But I think he’s wrong. I sent her a long, slightly rambling facebook message telling her this. I think it’s better to visit her firm choice and make sure she doesn’t like it and work out why. Then, do all her research. Then she can present everyone with, well, maybe not exactly a fait accompli but certainly a well-researched position with a plan attached.

It’s Molly’s birthday on Monday and she wants to go see a film on Saturday and maybe go for dinner too. I need to get her a present. She’s kinda hard to buy for, but I’m sure I’ll find something she’ll like.

I get to vote this June! For the first time! I got my card today. I have to find out who all the candidates are and research them properly. I want to make an informed first vote. It’s so very exciting – I actually get to participate in the democratic process!

Swine flu’s been knocked off the front pages. Shame. There’s nothing like the fear of a pandemic to distract one from exams.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.


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