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Dear all,

What exciting times. My friend Nadia can be very cruel at times. I’m never sure whether she is doing it deliberately or not. However, in my head I pretend that we’re in a chick flick like Mean Girls and she’s secretly always plotting of ways to bring me down. So I plot back.

For example, you know I had to leave prom early to take Veronica home. At the time, Nadia was thanking me profusely for taking care of her and so on and so forth. The next time I see her, she’s all “Why did you leave prom so early? That’s so stupid. Veronica was fine, just a bit wet.” U-turn, no?

She takes one of the same subjects as me and we’re all stressing about it. And on facebook I saw she’d written on another friend’s wall “Obviously I’m not revising, I’m not WILHELM SCREAM!!!” I could just sense her tone of voice, and my name would have been made to sound like the dirtiest insult ever. She mocks me for working hard. What she doesn’t get is that I don’t work that hard and that if she ever actually bothered to do anything instead of whining “I can’t do it!” all the time, she might get better grades.

So I too occasionally put her down and make fun of her, but in a kindly way. I’m rather good at it, actually. I’ve had it done to me enough times back in the past. But I never put my whole heart into it. That would be too much. It still gives me a little buzz every time I succeed, though. Snick snick.

Also, this morning I had such a fright. I had left my earrings out overnight by accident, and went to put them in before going to school. One was fine, but I couldn’t get the other one in. I tried and tried and it seemed like the hole had closed up. Eventually I managed, but it’s made me paranoid about my holes closing all over again. I love earrings. I’d be so upset if I couldn’t wear them just because I’d been silly and forgetful.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.


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