Antarctic desert

Dear all,

Molly’s birthday dinner was nice. Nadia didn’t come. Those two sentences are only very slightly connected, I swear. Anyway, we went to a nice Koren restaurant and had yummy things and noodles. I bought her a present, but will give it to her on her actual birthday. It’s chocolate spread. I know, I suck at buying presents. And it is gourmet-type chocolate spread, not just Nutella. But I just can’t think what else to buy her. Food is always a good bet.

In other news, I think I am ill, but I have no idea what with. I woke up this morning absolutely boiling. I was so hot. I opened my window, splashed water on my face and fanned myself with a newspaper. Unfortunately I woke up about ten minutes before I had to have lunch and dash off to work in the charity shop so I didn’t take my temperature.

I cooled down a little on the way, but was still uncomfortably warm when I arrived. At around 4pm, I felt at a normal temperature again. However, over the next hour I got steadily colder. It plateaued at “chilly” until about 7.30pm when, reading in my bedroom, I felt so cold that my bones felt like ice. Over dinner, I was often trembling from cold. I am now wrapped up as snug as a bug in a rug and am starting to feel normal again.

I have no other symptoms. No runny nose. No sore throat. No headache. No stomach ache. Nothing at all. Just an utter inability to correctly regulate my body temperature. But this temperature thing is making me feel seriously unwell. I took it just now and it’s 36.8. I’m normally 36.5. So no big difference.

Language oral exams next week. I need to revise so much tomorrow afternoon. I’ve forgotten everything from mocks. I’m just finding it rather hard to concentrate right now. I’m so tired.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.

P.S. Did you know that the Antarctic is technically considered a desert? It’s all to do with precipitation, not heat.


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