Dear all,

Today I had something of a sartorial epiphany. I was on my way home, thinking about my lovely shoes (which arrived by post today! Now that’s what I call service! And they’re beautiful and fit perfectly!) when I started thinking about a teacher at school that dresses really well. Then I started thinking about what I would take to university. Then I started thinking about a capsule wardrobe. And then suddenly the perfect capsule wardrobe for my current lifestyle leapt into my head. I had to wait until I got home to write it down, but now I have. It includes every item I would want to take to university, from socks to a party dress. It’s based on three colours: navy blue, burgundy and moss green.

I really need to get on with some revision, but I can’t help surfing eBay to see if I could pick any of my missing items there. Unfortunately I spent all of this month’s money on these shoes. Hm. I’m off to go and revise, then.

I am, however, debating over whether I should watch Gossip Girl or go to bed early. It’s a tought choice. I might end up watching Gossip Girl just because it’s been so exciting lately and I could drink tea and relax and get myself mentally ready to go to sleep. Hah. I’m very good at talking myself into things!

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.


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