Righting wrongs

Dear all,

Last night I fixed things with Jack. I’m so glad I did, because I’d hate to lose him as a friend. I was worried that our conversation way turning into a duty-convo, where one only replies because one feels weirdly obligated, but then he told me about something which makes me sure that everything’s gone back to normal. He fancies someone at his school. I told him to go for it – in a few weeks he’ll never see her again, so he’s got nothing to lose. But he said he’s too shy and too much of a freak to even contemplate it. He is shy, but he’s not a freak. He’s lovely and interesting, and he should have higher self-esteem because he deserves it.

I’m a member of an internet forum centred around a TV show. I was looking through my inbox of that forum trying to find some admin stuff I’d been sent once when I found a series of messages from about 18 months ago. It started when one of the most longstanding members posted something about how hard she was finding it to cope with her bouts of depression, and how she was finding it impossible to find any work as an artist. A new member, who’d literally joined only a few days before, posted something derogatory. I forget exactly what, but it was along the lines of “Get over it, you malingerer”. Wow. Total upsurge from us regular members. I in particular wrote a long and furious post, which I got in trouble for as a swore several times in it. I apologised thoroughly, but got several private messages thanking me for being brave enough to speak up and say what no one else felt they could. Even (or, perhaps, especially) from the person who had first posted about her depression. It made me feel proud of myself reading them, but ashamed too. I did apologise to the new member for my inappropriate overreacting, but she left the forum soon afterwards. Oh well. Good riddance, says I.

I haven’t had any news from Brian about prom. Not a sausage. However, I did get a missed phone call from a mystery number at around 7pm. I’m not sure it’s him, though. And, more importantly, I’m not sure what to do about it. I don’t want to call him back, because I hate talking on the phone. But I don’t want to text in case it’s not him and it’s someone important that I should be phoning. Plus, what should I say in a text? “Um… who is this?” But that would be silly. Harrumph. I’ve sort of decided to leave it until tomorrow morning and if he hasn’t called again by the time I leave for my driving lesson I’ll text asking who it is.

I had my last afternoon ever at the charity shop! Everyone ws so nice, saying they’ll miss me and that I must pop by and let them know how I am. I’ll miss it so. My Saturdays will feel strange and empty.

My blogroll in the sidebar has been updated.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.



  1. Emilia said,

    Saturday, 16th May 2009 at 10:00 pm

    Rather interesting life you have.

  2. Sunday, 17th May 2009 at 11:08 pm

    […] face-to-face or via a text-based medium such as email. He’d called me twice, once last night (as I mentioned) and then once this morning, but I was driving so couldn’t answer. So, when I’d got […]

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