All the way from here to Schenectady, NY

Dear all,

I just went to bed and then got up again because I realised I hadn’t posted this.

Brian called! I now have an official invitation to his school’s prom this Saturday. Now I’ll be able to see all my friends and say goodbye to them. How thrilling.

However, the invitation phone call was SO awkward. I’m really not a phone person and would must rather conduct conversations either face-to-face or via a text-based medium such as email. He’d called me twice, once last night (as I mentioned) and then once this morning, but I was driving so couldn’t answer. So, when I’d got home and had lunch, I phoned him back. Spectacularly awkward conversation followed in which I discover that he’s not a cat person, I realise that I should learn when to shut up, and he invites me to prom. I think maybe next time I phone someone I should write down what I’m going to say when they pick up, and then some answers to obvious questions like “How are you?” or “What have you been up to?” so that I don’t panic and say stupid things. *shudder*

Anyway, he’s apparently on Facebook, which means I never have to call him again! Hurrah! Well, maybe that’s a premature celebration but still. This is one reason why I keep my phone off a lot – to train my friends not to phone me.

I also have a scratch on my face, where Jemima (one of my cats) objected forcefully to my nearly dropping her. It was entirely my fault, and the scratch was an accident on her part from general claw flailing rather than a premeditated attack, but still. It stings. I put some TCP on it, and am now breathing in antiseptic fumes from my cheek. Ew.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.


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