Prom #2

Dear all,

Can I just say that there is only one thing sexier than a guy in a tuxedo – a guy in a tuxedo that’s all crumpled because he just spent the night in it sleeping next to you. But more on that later.

Brian’s school’s prom started with drinks outside. I met him at about seven and we went and stood and mingled. We chatted and I met several people (some I knew already and some I didn’t) and were generally very civilised. Then we were all ushered inside and sat at tables. There were little placecards with our names on. I had Brian on one side and Luke on the other. You can see already that this would turn out to be an interesting evening. I can’t quite get the chronology right in my head, so I’ll just tell you all the different sections of what happened.

There was a leisurely dinner. I didn’t eat much, actually, but the food was quite good. Vegetarian main course slightly disappointing, although it did contain asparagus. Much chattage. I was introduced to all the other people on our table, including one called Volski. That’s a nickname – the first bit of his surname. He’s Russian. He has several very Russian traits, including being good at table tennis and being very persuasive.

I didn’t dance, actually. I considered it but decided I didn’t feel like it.

I met someone called Thomas #2* who knows Brother. They both run for the school. We (me, Thomas #2, Volski and Brian) walked round the school outside, chatting. We climbed over a wall. It was very nice. Thomas #2 is going to the same university as me next year and seems very quiet but kind.

We were all given two foot hot air balloon-type-things, where you light the bottom then let them go. Like in that Roald Dahl book. There must have been about a hundred of them and they all looked to beautiful drifting away.

The Chat
Luke was very drunk, and at one point we found ourselves alone together in a place without too much loud music. So I said to him, and these are almost my exact words, “I’m only telling you this because you’re so spectacularly drunk that you probably won’t remember it tomorrow, but you know I’d much rather have come with you than with Brian.” He just said “Oh, that’s so sweet. What’s wrong with Brian?” I don’t think he got it at the time. However, later he twice came up to me with a slightly bemused look and started saying “Did we have a conversation earlier…?” but then we were interrupted. I’m sure he’d told Joshua, though, because he was giving me very penetrating looks.

Anyway, the official prom ended at around midnight. There was going to be an after party in some kind of alcohol establishment, but Brian went home and we (me, Luke, Joshua, Joshua’s date and Volski) all went back to Joshua’s house. We sat and chatted until around four in the morning. Luke and Volski got into a very heated argument, perhaps because Luke was being more than usually obnoxious, but at one point I was genuinely afraid that it might come to blows. But it didn’t. And eventually we went to bed. Luke and I ended up in sleeping bags next to each other. I was very sleepy but at some point in the night/morning I snuggled up to Luke and he didn’t appear to object. In fact, he turned his face towards me and at one point, had I reached out a little, we could have kissed.

But we didn’t. Anyway, it felt so nice to be sleeping next to him. He’s warm and feels very solid and secure. We woke up at around seven. Luke looked so good in his crumpled tux that I could have jumped him right there and then. I’d taken my bra off so that I could sleep more comfortably (in my dress!) and so went to the bathroom to put it back on. The others may or may not have been talking about the Luke-Wilhelm Scream sleeping situation. I’m not sure. Anyway, Luke and I left soon afterwards. We had a brief, slightly awkward goodbye before setting off on our respective journeys home. I suppose if you travel on public transport early on a Sunday morning in a smart dress it’s almost standard to be stared at by everyone.

I didn’t have enough money to get me all the way home, so walked for the last forty minutes. My feet were killing me by the end, but I do like walking. It’s a nice way to think, and it was all deserted and I could hear the birds singing. And so I got home about half an hour ago and am here, typing this and eating a slightly stale pain au chocolat.

But now I don’t know what to do. Brian/Luke-wise, I mean. Should I press things with Luke, should I ask Joshua for advice or should I just give up on Luke and go for Brian instead? Help!

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.

*I have a question for y’all. See, this person is called the same thing IRL as this Thomas. So I wondered whether you’d rather I made up a different pseudonym for each person or whather I ought to just make up one for each name I encounter and people with the same real name will have the same pseudonym. What do you think? Also, if it is the same name then should I refer to them by numbers or letters (e.g. Thomas #1 and Thomas #2 or Thomas A and Thomas B)?



  1. Monday, 25th May 2009 at 2:54 pm

    […] You may recall that I am currently tossed on the horns of a furious dilemma, which incidentally mentally sort of came to a head on Saturday night. […]

  2. Tuesday, 2nd June 2009 at 12:53 am

    […] My one consolation is that Joshua was surprised enough that I don’t think Luke told him about The Chat. […]

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