No go

Dear all,

Well, it didn’t happen with Luke today. We’ve rescheduled for Monday. I have a birthday present for him that I’ve had for ages (his birthday was nearly two months ago) that I need to give him then, but I don’t know what to do about a card. In that respect, I’m kinda glad our meeting has been postponed! It gives me more time to think. I want something nice, and ambiguously flirty. Something that could be taken either way, so he’s not sure whether I’m flirting or not. I have a cute card with two birds painted onto it, but am not sure what to write inside. I usually do snappy limericks or short poems for birthday cards, but am majorly stuck on this one.

I’ve been thinking about what I would want from a boyfriend, and have come up with a mere two ideal characteristics – everything else is negotiable, but these are my deal breakers.

1. He has to be interesting.
2. To a certain extent, he has to take control.

Regarding the second, I really like it when guys take control of things, planning outings and making the first move and so on. It’s so nice to have everything sorted out for you. So there’s another tip, guys.

Regarding the first, I love really intelligent guys who know a lot about a particular area. I don’t really mind what his intellectual obsession is – be it poetry, physics or trainspotting – but I find it very attractive when someone really cares that much about something.

I enjoy building things – lego, meccano, IKEA – and today we bought new garden chairs – the old ones are just dying. I’m going to go and assemble them in a minute.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.


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