Truth and equal opportunity adjectives

Dear all,

Thinking back to the horrors of last night, one little thing does shine out as being a good thing. Joshua’s initial remark after I told him about Luke was “He’s not worthy of you”. Which is nice.

Nadia has been asking me to send her my revision notes. Fat chance! In fact, it really makes me angry that she thinks she can just get away with not doing any work and crib off my hard work. It’s very hard to not give them to her without saying outright “No, you lazy bugger, make your own notes”, but so far I have managed to avoid it. I just feel it’s so unfair that she should benefit without doing any work. It’s not like a note-swap, which I would equally try to avoid (I make my notes in a very particular way and so don’t find other peopple’s notes helpful – also, the very act of making notes helps me to learn) but would at least understand.

I have also been thinking about prettiness, most particularly to do with me. I always wonder about how other people perceive me, and naturally my appearance is an area of concern in that respect. I would honestly say that I think of myself as average. Not ugly, but not beautiful either. I have my good bits and I have my bad bits and I balance out to pretty much average. I read that 80% of drivers think they are above average, so I wonder what percentage of people think they are above averagely pretty.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.


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