Dear all,

This article on the proliferation of casual oral sex among young girls is interesting, and I urge you to give it at least a cursory glance.

I watched PM’s Question Time today, and have come to the conclusion that Gordon Brown and David Cameron are as bad as each other.

Yesterday, I got a very bad and very sudden headache. I took an ibuprofen and it eventually faded away. I awoke with the same headache today, and it has still not completely disappeared. If I keep my head totally still, the pain diminishes almost to the point of non-existence, but a single sudden movement and another wave of aches gushes into my brain. Bending over is simply excruciating. Light, sound and computers do not seem to have any adverse effects.

I have been listening to Edith Piaf – Gold Collection. I love the accordion that you can hear in so many of the songs. It sounds so… French.

Sadly, my initial enthusiasm for revision has faded spectacularly. Although I frequently wake up around 8am, I find it hard to get up and start work. I suppose it is partially because my exams are so late in the season, so I still feel like there is a lot of time.

The sun seems to have gone in permanently again.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.


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