Dear all,

I just came back from voting for the first time ever! It was slightly anticlimactic, but it’s still nice to think that I’ve actually participated in the democratic process.

Last night, I had this strange dream that came in two parts. The first part was that I had a brain tumour and went to hospital and people came to visit me, and sometimes I recognised them and sometimes I didn’t. Chris came and brought me a puzzle. Joshua and Luke came and brought grapes. I spent most of my time listening to a The Communist Manifesto audio book and doing cross stich of a sea scene.

The second part was that I was Prime Minister and was being interviewed by a teen magazine. I think more politicians should be interviewed by teen magazines. It’s an important way to access the next generation of voters and get them interested in politics.

I am becoming worried that I have diabetes. I may go to the doctor with it, or I may not. You see, first, I would need to tell my parents. And I’m not sure how to do that in a way that doesn’t make me sound like a paranoid hypochondriac. I think that if I get another headache I will take that do the doctor and broach the subject of diabetes while I am there.

I have been thinking recently that I would really love to go dancing. Not in a modern sense, but in the 1950s sense, with someone to hold me close in ballroom hold and waltz round the floor. I think it was the music of Edith Piaf that finally cemented such an idea in my mind – it reminded me of all the times in Poirot when the beautiful young heroine (who will undoubtedly be murdered, but at least she’ll look amazing) puts on the gramaphone and glides round the sitting room in the arms of her beau (who will probably be ther murderer) with a smug smile on her face as Plain Jane the cousin sits and watches (and probably plots).

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.

P.S. [18:40] I am also coming increasingly to agree that the BNP are not only fascists, they are also appallingly bad at graphic design. Furthermore, I found out today that they want to bring back corporal punishment in schools. Um, WTF?!


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