Guinevere Incapability Brown

Dear all,

I had another headache today. Just a small one, and it soon went away. I have done very little work indeed – I slept in until nearly lunchtime and then went shopping this afternoon with my mother. I bought flip flops for the shower at university.

I am so very excited about leaving home. I cannot wait to have a place I can really call my own, where I can go into my room and lock the door and know that no one will disturb me.

I was discussing warm clothes with my mother today. She thinks I will freeze to death, and I am inclined to agree with her. There seems to be so much extra I will need for university – I intend to throw an awful lot of things away this summer. A fresh start to a more uncluttered lifestyle. I so dislike mess in my own personal space, but at the moment I just seem to have too much stuff to keep everything tidy.

My first exam is in six days. It hasn’t really sunk in – it still seems so far away. I fear I am becoming terribly lazy and not doing enough work and I won’t get my grades. I so desperately hope I do. Not that I would mind going to my insurance choice – it just seems so silly to not do as well as I know I can. To give up on my first choice because of sheer laziness. I comfort myself by telling myself that I did well last year, so I have a good UMS cushion, if you will. But still. I ought to be working more. I’m just so tired all the time. So drowsy. I wake up and I’m sleepy again almost immediately.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.


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