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Dear all,

Nadia said something today, which made me laugh and made me think about the future too. One of the in-jokes I have with my current group of schoolfriends is what a “wild child” I am. I am very “clean living” – don’t drink, don’t smoke, vegetarian, don’t take drugs. This has therefore given rise to a great many jokes about me having to lay off the illicit substances and my friends trying to make me take sips of their alcohol. I really enjoy this, actually. I hope it develops with my university friends too. Also, with some other very close friends, we always make innuendos and lesbian jokes (short hair, never wears pink, heels, skirts…). They practically make me cackle. If I don’t have that with people at uni I shall be vaguely nostalgic and triste.

I was having a Facebook inbox conversation (a pretty epic one) with Nadia and Veronica. Veronica went away for dinner while Nadia and I carried on chatting. It turned from a summer plans thing to a Wilhelm Scream’s love life thing. Nadia knows about Luke and knows all about Brian, and we were discussing them. Veronica came back and gave a summary of the conversation while she’d been away, as a kind of “Am I getting this right?” thing. And one the things was “Amis and Brian = out of your league. Luke = nice but gay. Perfect for me then!”. Wow. That hurt. That’s not what Nadia and I were saying at all. Not even close. In fact, Nadia was saying how obviously they liked me and how I should play it with them.

I don’t know if Veronica meant that they’re out of my league or not – it seems very blunt. I know she’s angling for me to get together with Amis. And part of my convo with Nadia was how I could avoid seeing Amis next weekend. In fact, Veronica has been weirdly insistent that I am secretly in love with Amis. I think she probably is. I am seriously dreading having to see Amis IRL. We have nothing in common. My facebook and msn conversations with him have been seriously strained on my part. I blocked him from MSN and facebook chat, but it would be too rude just to delete him from facebook altogether.

Also, I can’t decide whether [F/f]acebook should be capitalised or not.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.


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