Sing Ho! for the life of a Bear!

Dear all,

Luke got his present and has mentioned nothing about stamps. Huzzah! And he seems to really like it.

I have decided that over summer I am going to have a lot of adventures. Veronica is planning a birthday adventure for the weekend after next, straight after exams finish, and it all sounds terribly exciting. I think this summer is when I will explore the world around me and go out of my comfort zone. I have several books to read too, on art and history and other cultures. I shall also need, unfortunately, to work my way through some of my university reading list. I would very much like to go and visit Chris at some point. We discussed me visiting him at Easter, but it never really happened. However, I shall require an invitation and I don’t know if I shall get one as he is terribly busy at the moment.

Exam on Thursday. Not ready. Not working either. Oh god. I just want to get them all over and done with.

Love and other indoor adventures,
Wilhelm Scream.


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