I desire a desire

Dear all,

Nothing much to report, apart from the fact that I am so bored. Oh my god. My mind is atrophying through lack of use. I need to do an exam.

Basically, today I have been moping around at home and reading some old essays, in a misguided attempt at revision. It’s a terrible situation because I can’t decide to just do something, like watch a film, because I ought to be revising. But oh lordy me… revision… so mind-numbingly dull… You, when I revise, because I have done it all before, I feel like I know it all already. So reading over notes etc just makes me glaze over and I don’t really take it in. That’s why I like to do past papers – at least you have to actively engage with the material.

Exam on Thursday. Come on. Let tomorrow go quickly.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.


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