Dear all,

I’ve been copying out old essays in a bid to try and remember how to write! However, I find writing for extended periods of time very painful. My arm starts to seize up and my finger joints become very stiff. Sometimes my whole arm tingles. I hate being such a slow writer, I really do. It makes exams so difficult as I never manage to physically write as much as other people do. It is this which means I am now very concise. However, concision is not really an advantage in drama exams, as you just need to write so much to get the marks. I’m praying I manage to write enough tomorrow. This is always my biggest fear in exams – not that I won’t know what to write but that I won’t be able to write everything down.

Also, my hand smells like onions. I must have onion-gunk deep under my nails because I can’t quite make it go away. It’s icky.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.


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