Dear all,

Today I had my French A2 exam. I don’t think I did very well (in a relative sense – I’m afraid that for me, “not very well” in French means a low B or even a C). The listening was really confusing, because although I understood it all, the questions were rather ambiguous. I didn’t know which bit of the information they wanted with which question. In the end, I just wrote down a lot for each question on the basis that they couldn’t take marks off for writing wrong things, so if the right thing was in there somewhere I’d still get the mark.

I found reading easy at the time, but am now starting to think I buggered up the translation. It seemed too easy. I must have missed something somewhere, some little grammar trick.

The essays were all rubbish. The titles were so bad. Not a single one was decidedly on a topic we’d covered – they were all just vaguely to do with the A level course. And nothing on the environment! Damn them! That’s usually one topic you can count on, although I suppose they did have it elsewhere in the exam. I wrote about encouraging people to go to university, and it was a very poor and unbalanced essay, and very dull linguistically.

I bought black liquid eyeliner, a gold eyeliner pencil and a pencil sharpener on the way home. I’m hoping to wear something a little dramatic to the events this Saturday.

When I got home, I did try to revise, honestly. But it is so difficult, it really is. I fell asleep, I’m ashamed to say, although Lucy says she keeps dozing off while revising too. It’s just so boring, because I’ve done it all before so my brain is saying “Yep, yep, done this, lovely, yep”, when really it’s recognising it but not remembering it. Still, by this time tomorrow I’ll have two out of the way and only one left! Lord, I hope Spanish goes better than French.

Mary Queen of Charity Shops is on tonight! Last one in the series, I think. I feel a particularly special affiliation with it because I worked for two years in a charity shop of my own, so I know how it is different to running a normal business – something which I’m not sure Mary has fully grasped.

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.


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