Examining the inner recesses of consciousness.

Dear all,

Polphil was amazing. Mill was so awful. Spanish was good, but boring.

I have strange thoughts when I finish exams and I’m left sitting there until we’re allowed to go. I had an hour of free time in the Spanish exam, just waiting and letting the world drift by outside.

I think about all the people who are taking this exact same exam as me at the exact same time all across the country. I think about all the people who have taken this exam in years gone by, and wonder what they thought when they looked at questions which I’ve only seen as past papers. I think about all the people who have sat in the same seat as me, whatever exam they may be doing.

I wonder if maybe the world outside is on hold for the time it takes to do the exam. I wonder if maybe North Korea’s launched a nuclear attack, and we won’t find out until after the exam is over. I wonder if the zombie apocalpyse has arrived and they’re keeping us in the exam hall until we’re done even if it would mean certain death if the zombies got in.

Maybe too much free time isn’t good for me… 😛

Lots of love,
Wilhelm Scream.


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