Sorry, but this isn’t about me. If you want to find out about me, read the blog. This is about the blog. It’s a kind of meta-About Me.

Important notice: All names in this blog are pseudonyms.
Every name of a living being in this blog, from my name to the names of my cats, are pseudonyms. Why? Well, why not. A few of the pseudonyms might have a connection to the person’s real name but most of them were just thought up on a whim because they’re cool names, so don’t try and guess because you’re spectacularly unlikely to get it right.

I don’t like the fact that you have to pay to alter the CSS code of your “theme”.
I like messing around with HTML and CSS and making things look pretty. That was the main attraction of MySpace. So it makes me mighty annoyed to find that if I want to add a custom background or header or change the font colours or even – God forbid! – code my own layout from scratch, I have to pay. So I won’t pay. I’ll just grumble about it from here to eternity.

I enjoy talking.
And writing is just talking but on paper/on the screen. Writing is fun! Whatever form it may take. I used to write a lot of poetry, I’ve kept diaries on and off throughout the years and am tinkering with some scriptwriting. So that’s one reason why I blog – because I love to write. The other reason is so I don’t forget.

Where did the name “Wilhelm Scream” come from?
Google it. And remember that I love Toy Story.

But I need to ask you a question!
Well, you can either post it in a comment and I promise I will reply, or you can email me at (my god, there’s already a wilhelmscream on Gmail! The horror!).


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